Molecule Structures Lasered Into Glass

It's a natural: beautiful, accurate etchings in full 3D, giving real-world insight into complex structures. 

We work with proteins, small molecules and just about any other kind of 3D data, direct from your files.  Glass sizes go from keychains to paperweights to impressive awards, with light stands to fit, and text or graphics can be added right in the glass.  Our dedicated software and high-resolution lasers give clean, fine-grained images, and we bring an artist's vision to each project that highlights the significance of your molecule.

CrystalProtein models are useful research tools, premium mementos of a discovery or deal, thoughtful gifts for researchers, Ph.D. candidates or advisors.  We've been in business over 10 years, etching thousands of structures, and we're happy to help make your data look its best.

Human insulin in an 80mm cube, shown in cartoon style with the molecular surface.

Laniakea Getting Started

Use our Protein Order Form or Molecule Order Form to describe your project, or just email a PDB file, Pymol session, or whatever's best for your data, with a description of how you'd like it to look.

We'll be in touch within a few days with a preview and quote for the project.  There's a setup fee for the initial layout of your design, and from there you can get one or many glass pieces, now or later.  Glass sizes range from keychains to large awards.  One-offs are fine, large quantities are no problem.

After the proof is approved and all details are confirmed, your model goes to the laser etching factory.  The glass will ship within 10 business days – or with rush fees we can make that quicker if needed. 

A large-scale map of galactic clusters and velocities, also in an 80mm cube.

Preview Radiolarians

Before burning glass we'll set up a 3D proof, which lets you fly around the design and verify the layout.

At right, radiolarian skeletons imaged by X-ray tomography.

1RVA complexed with DNA.

Poliovirus drawn as a simple backbone.


To get a quote on your structure in glass, please use our Protein or Molecule order form, or email  We look forward to hearing from you!